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MEÜS print design

Printed Goods  

You can shop our graphics in different mediums like:

Shower Courtins, Throw Pillows, Coasters and Art prints. 


MEÜS rug design

Personalized Rug

We design based on the atmosphere of your space, colour palette 

and needed dimensions. You can choose between different wool

and cotton texture techniques for your design. 

MEÜS Pillow Design

Personalized Pillow Cases 

You choose the theme and we create a composition for you with the

colours you choose. We can use mixed techniques or a delicate

embroidery, its your choice. 


MEÜS textile design

Wall Art 

Weaving with upcycled materials, or making a macrame piece, 

we can give your space a human touch with handmade art. 


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