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Blind Senses  A collaboration with visual artist Luiso Ponce and the Meritorious Committee for the Blind and Deaf of Guatemala.

The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.

Blind Senses is a study on the human experience. We are living a superficial life, where the obviousness of what we see,

hear, touch or perceive is considered the ultimate truth.

Questioning, researching and observing have become a rare reaction to life and our surroundings.

Curiosity described as a Human trait, is now a thing of a few than all.

Societas    A collaboration with Nelly Rose and artisan cooperatives Chuwila, Adiba and Las Rosas.

Uniting cultures + breaking borders is the inspiration behind this collection.

Clean aesthetics, versatile and timeless silhouettes accompanied by handmade textiles and patterns.

A project created to generate a social impact, unifying several creative pillars to generate an innovative,

conscious and fair design proposal.

A new textile language is born, the history of the contemporary ar tisan world, a page, a book, of all of us.

Inanibus Convexa  A collaboration with Red Juvem, artisan cooperative specialized in wool.


The unmanned side of our existence.

There is a side of us that has been disconnected since we became electronic-driven humans.

Emotions and vulnerability have a bad connotation, our edited image is whats always present, we can not

conceive that is the both: structured and vulnerable side that makes the whole.

One side: our humanity, that unravels, unfinished and natural, while the other side: closed up,

clean, perfect to the eye.